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The Glasgow University Ukrainian community was small prior to the full-scale invasion of russia, but after the start of the war the university society was revived, and has remained active since Spring 2022. The main activities include various political workshops and cultural events. While aiming to share Ukrainian values with the general student public, our goal is to also support the student community at our university, so that all incoming Ukrainian students feel at home and receive the support they require. To this end we organise pub quizzes, film screenings and nature expeditions around Scotland; we are available to advise any potential Ukrainian applicant who considers to study at Glasgow university. Currently we have round 40 registered members.

Glasgow University has signed a partnership with the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, so their current students can apply to study in Glasgow as exchange students for a few terms. In this case funding is provided. For more information regarding this please contact the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Displaced Ukrainian students also qualify for Scottish home fees, which are covered by the Scottish Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) - this means that the full cost of their tuition is covered by SAAS and they do not need to pay anything to the university. Living costs, however, are the students’ responsibility, although SAAS has generous living cost loan offers. Hence, Ukrainian students on the Homes for Ukraine scheme can study for free and have their living costs paid for by the government. (Note: the living cost loan is still a loan, and will have to be repaid - Scotland is very generous with the repayment regulations, so most students feel very comfortable taking out loans from SAAS).

Glasgow University has a range of scholarships available. The Sanctuary Scholarship was especially made for refugees, and Ukrainians are more than welcome to apply. If any Ukrainian student is experiencing financial difficulties, the university has an emergency financial aid system in place, to which any student can apply. This emergency financial aid is usually given once, and ranges from £200 to approximately £1500, depending on the case of the student.

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