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Founded March 2022. We have around 25 members, but that number is due to change with the start of the year. We have a diverse array of activities and all tend to have a fundraising character to them as we try to integrate donation opportunities at all of our events - so far, we have organised academic discussions, workshops, film screenings, social events, bake sales, and a charity club night. We serve as both a representational platform for Ukrainians on campus and as an educational resource for non-Ukrainians to expand their knowledge of Ukrainian history and culture. One of our primary focuses in our work is building and strengthening intersectional solidarity, which we channel through many collaborative events, such as a student panel discussion on "Russification and the Imposition of Identity" co-organised with other Eastern European societies and guest lecture on the gendered experiences of wartime co-hosted with the Feminist Society and Women in Politics and International Relations.

Any Ukrainian national domiciled in Scotland will be eligible to apply for Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funding. Doctoral students whose research studies have been affected by conflict can apply for further academic training via our Sanctuary Scholarships. The Scottish Government has announced that new and transfered students displaced from Ukraine and settling in Scotland may be eligible for free tuition and living cost support if they have already applied for one of the following: Home for Ukraine Scheme, Ukraine Family Scheme, Ukraine Extension Scheme.

Cost of living support and hardship funding.

Psychological support and wellbeing services.

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