What is Ukrainian Students Union

The Union is a collective that unites Ukrainian Students from all around the world in an ecosystem of development, cooperation and joint positive impact on the future of Ukraine.

USU Experience

USU provides ecosystem that unites Ukrainian students worldwide. This collective fosters growth, conversation, and cooperation.

The Union facilitates a platform for networking and career opportunities, connecting students with professionals across various industries.

How To Become a Member?

The members of the Ukrainian Students Union are ambitious students, future leaders, and potential influencers from around the world, united by their Ukrainian heritage.

By joining, you’ll contribute to a collective positive impact on Ukraine’s future, harnessing the potential of young Ukrainians abroad for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy and statehood.


USU: Global Talent

USU: Global Talent - fostering a generation of Ukrainian future leaders through exclusive internship, mentorship and full-time opportunities within political institutions and the private sector.

Business During the War with Volodymyr Popereshnik
7th March 2024

On March 7th, we had the opportunity to host a meaningful session with Volodymyr Popereshniuk, a prominent figure in Ukrainian business.

USU Scotland Conference
23-24th February 2024

Ukrainian students and esteemed guests gather at the South Front of University of the Glasgow lit in colors of the Ukrainian flag (23.02.24)

USU Annual Summit
24th November 2023

Annual conference brought together 80 attendees from 35 Universities, organised by the Ukrainian Students Union in collaboration with Birmingham Ukrainian Society.

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