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Durham University Ukrainian Society was established on February 23, 2023. There are 20 members in our society. Over the past year, we have organised various meaningful activities.One of significant events was a peaceful rally on February 24th, commemorating the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion in Ukraine. Additionally, we hosted an eye-opening exhibition titled 'Unissued Diplomas', aimed to share the stories of Ukrainian students who lost their lives as a result of the war. Beyond these specific events, our society were part of welcoming colleagues from Zaporizhzhia National University, Durham University's twinning partner, during the summer of 2022. Our society was founded with the primary aim of creating a close-knit and supportive community for individuals interested in exploring Ukrainian culture and traditions. DUUS provides an inclusive environment for Ukrainian students to share and express their experiences so that any Ukrainian can feel at home.

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