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The Ukrainian Society at Nottingham Trent University, established in response to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, quickly became a beacon of activism by organising protests and vigils. Officially recognized by the Student Union in August 2023, the society later joined the Ukrainian Student Union, marking a significant expansion of its influence and network. With over 50 active members, the society offers a variety of events and opportunities, including socials, quiz nights, and volunteering. Members also benefit from access to guest lectures, enhancing their educational and cultural experiences. Additionally, the society collaborates with other communities within the city and university, including the Hiking Society and The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, further extending its outreach and impact. This society exemplifies a committed and vibrant community, dedicated to supporting Ukraine and enriching the lives of its members.

As international students, Ukrainians in most cases have to complete the Foundation year to study in the UK. However, NTU offers International Year One after which it is possible to progress to the second year. It saves one academic year to obtain a bachelor's degree. For more information, see here.

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