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Founded on October 28, 2023 QMUL Ukrainian Society is a thriving and active group at Queen Mary University of London that aims to unite Ukrainian students and those who are interested in Ukrainian matters. Our society aspires to serve as a forum for cross-cultural dialogue, promoting Ukrainian tradition, and investigation of Ukraine's rich cultural heritage and current affairs. To create a warm and exciting environment for all members, we organise a variety of events, from cultural festivals to educational lectures. At this instance, we were able to bring together over 80 Ukrainian students at QMUL and strive to grow from year to year. Hence, the QMUL Ukrainian Society invites you to join us on this fascinating voyage of learning and connection, regardless of whether you are Ukrainian or are simply fascinated by the beauty and richness of Ukrainian culture.

Queen Mary University of London has its own procedure for applying for financial support. To do this, go to Mysis and go to the Scholarships and bursaries section. Open the form and select Financial Assistance Fund. After that, you will be presented with an application form where you need to indicate your current place of residence, utility costs, sources of income, and so on. The university will also ask for statements from all the cards you have and will ask you to explain all transactions over £100. The application is usually processed within a week, and the university may request additional documents to confirm the information (e.g. housing contract, utility bills).It is also worth noting that the money can be transferred to both a British and a Ukrainian card. The amount of assistance is decided individually, but can reach £1500. For more information, please contact us by email: bursaries@qmul.ac.uk

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