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About us

The University of Sheffield Ukrainian Society was established in 2022 in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our primary objective is to provide a secure environment for Ukrainian students at the University of Sheffield while fostering connections with students from diverse backgrounds.

We have planned a range of events, such as pub quizzes, film screenings, cultural evenings, and guest speaker talks, to enhance members' understanding of Ukraine. Additionally, we aim to raise funds to support civilians impacted by the conflict and the individuals defending Ukraine's freedom.

Our fundraising projects so far are a big success. The collected money goes to volunteering organizations in our fatherland to help those affected by the war the most. We have already:

1. Showed the film "Homeward" and collected £436.
2. Make a Bake Sale and thanks to the students raised £745.
3. Filmed and released a video dedicated to the anniversary of the war in Ukraine that has over 10000 views now.
4. Launched online fundraising where accumulated £210 so far (our goal is £1000).

The University of Sheffield now offers 10 sanctuary scholarships for students who have experienced war or persecution in their home countries. These scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and provide a £9,840 award to support living costs for each year of study. The scholarships are available for students from Ukraine who are either able to transfer to Sheffield from a university in Ukraine or would like to join as a new student in September.  

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